Welcome to my new website. These are exciting and challenging times we live in.  Astrology reflects the progressive changes and transformations that are going on above the skies, and down here on Earth. This affects us all on a collective and personal level, and each person is an individual with their own role to play.  I hope you’ll choose me as a guide to show you how to make the most of 2012 and beyond through using the wisdom of the planets.

This is my media portal where I will be posting astrological insights and predictions as well as podcasts and videos which will  also be posted on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you’d like to keep current with my news and insights, make friends with me on Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at the calendar page for information on my lectures, classes and presentations. Book me for a consultation if you’d like to benefit from a personally tailored session.

You can read your daily horoscopes at: www.uinterview.com