About You

Your birthdate is the position of the Sun in one of the 12 Zodiacal constellations listed in this scroll down menu. The Sun spends approximately 30 days in each Zodiac sign. 30 days x12signs : 360 days which is almost a year. The Sun is interpreted in astrology as the luminary (it is a star) and is your core sense of self, identity, ego and what you are most conscious of, how you shine!

Visit the Zodiac sign you were born under to get some insights into your souls manifestation. See how the words seem to resonate with how you are (or wish to be) recognised.

The 12 constellations are made up of the star patterns on and closest to the Ecliptic, which is the narrow band around which the Sun and five of the seven traditional planets appear to travel around the earth (from an earth-based perspective). The Moon (the seventh traditional planet) orbits around earth at a slightly different angle.

The meaning of the 12 zodiac signs (constellations) are also used to interpret the other planets according to where they were at the time you were born. Once you have your chart you can also use this drop-down menu to further understand different planets meanings.