Capricorn: Dec 22nd to Jan 19th

The Capricorn personality:

Governemnt official, business magnate, psychologist, philosopher- you could be any one of these. It matters little however what you choose, for you can accomplish any job you undertake with success. When you know what you want in life, you know how to get it.

One of the most attractive facets of your personality is your ability to get along with people. You sometimes like to intrigue them by demonstrations of unexpected sides of your nature, but if anyone is in need of a real friend, you are ever ready to give aid. Your counsel on personal matters is often sought, for your sincerity and sympathy are appreciated by all.

A practical attitude in regard to money is an inherent part of your make-up. You enjoy the planning necessary to increase your wealth. However you do not take advantage of anyone in order to further your own interests. In business as well as social relationships, you emphasisze the need for honesty. You take pride in integrity and are careful to maintain it.

All phases of education interest you. Money spent in helping others gain knowledge or get started is considered well invested by you. Enjoyment of subjects unrelated to your own daily life gives you pleasure, as far as your own advancement and knowledge is concerned.

Some of your traits: Systematic, dependable, upright.

Some of your attributes: Sagacity, thoroughness, rectitude.