Leo: July 23rd to August 22nd

The Leo personality:

There is little which is drab or mean in your life. It is always highly coloured by your qualities of dignity and perfection. Even routine matters take on an air of importance when you direct their operation or perform them yourself. In this regard you are particularly adept, for you have excellent executive ability. People do not mind taking orders from you because of your gracious way of giving them.

You enjoy philanthropic work, particularly organisation designed to help young people. Toward children you are extremely loving and tender and welcome opportunities to have fun wth them. Whenever possible you try to provide entertainment, gifts or stories. Also you listen to what they have to say. As a result they tend to like you alot.

Your ability to earn money encourages you to spend it in an extravagant manner. You dislike attention to the details of accounting for small expenses and economies. Your prefer to be independent in financial matters as you are in political and social thinking. Although you are not rudely antagonistic, you are rarely swayed by the opinions of others if they are at variance with your your own ideas.

Your love for family and friends is intense. Whie you are charming and gracious to everyone, you look first after those you are intimately associated and try to make their lives as colourful as your own. You have the ability to achieve success and a position of prestige in your community if you want it, and in this way can be of help to many others, while at the same time providing satisfaction for yourself.

Some of your traits: Purposeful, courageous, assertive.

Some of your attributes: Pride, patriotism, constancy.