Pisces: Feb 19th to March 20th

The Pisces personality:

Your sensitive nature is easily influenced by the beauties and nuances of life. Music stirs you deeply. Long walks in the country provide you with considerable pleasure and some of your happiest moments are spent in open fields or gardens. You are considered quite generous. the good fortune of your friends fills you with as much delight as your own success. You would do almost anything to help a person in trouble. Consequently you are constantly sought when there is trouble. Your awareness and understanding enable you to be consoling and helpful at such times.

You have scholarly habits and an interest in such subjects as philosophy, astrology, numerology and occult truths. Modern science also claims your attention, with such items as medicine, electricity, chemicals and future technologies on your list.

Some of your traits: Sensitive, conscientious, impressionable.

Some of your attributes: Intuitive, mystic, philanthropic.