Scorpio: Oct 23rd to Nov 22nd

The Scorpio personality:

Sensitivity and thoughtfulness are qualities associated with Sun sign Scorpios. You are quiet and rather secretive. Your kind hearted generosity is bestowed primarily on friends near and dear to you. New acquaintances are treated relatively coolly, although politely. You are loving and appreciative of those you esteem.

Abstract and indefinable matters hold little interest for you. You are concerned with the present and with subjects that you fully understand. Discussions that seem to have no particular significanceare annoying to you and you often show your irritation. You are bluntly honest at times and are considered quite practical. You are an individualist, caring little whether other persons have opinions which are at variance with yours.

Because of your self-confidence and determination you can make a success of almost any endeavour with which you are associated. particualrly enjoyable to you is helping some younger person up the success ladder. Your help is given however only to those who show themselves as exuberant in their work as you. To such a person you are unusually generous and kind. It is the laggard for whom you have little respect. Sometimes your self-assurance is mistaken for unwarranted arrogance. When others fail to appreciate your sage advice, you can be unpleasant to them. Close friends know this scorn is only temporary for you are eager to promote knowledge and to live fairly.


Some of your traits: Subtle, shrewd, decisive.

Some of your attributes: Stern, forceful, agressive.