Taurus: April 21st to May 20th

Taurus – the second sign of the zodiac





The maintaining principle of Taurus is rootedness and steady growth through patience. A typical Taurean is characterised by their love (their ruling planet is Venus) and loyalty to what is familiar, tending to preserve what has been tested by time and developing enjoyment of the pleasures of life, eventually becoming a thankful connoisseur.

Taurus is practical, down-to-earth, decisive and persevering. Their thinking is concrete and practical and they tend to have a natural manner, being cheerful, tender, affectionate and sociable. Taureans are also seen as reliable, cautious, strong-willed, affectionate, warm-hearted and trustworthy.

However, they can also be possessive, lazy, self-indulgent, dull, inflexible, obstinate, resentful and sometimes so stubborn that he or she can’t be talked into changing his or her mind!

The Taurus personality:

You have the sort of personality that can make advances with seemingly little effort. Of course you are pleased when you are fortunate in money dealings but you shouldn’t put this ahead of profitable human relationships. Realizing that life without friends could be a barren one, you tend towards being generous with what you can give.

You can be hurt by negligence or rudeness on the part of others. In your own attitude you make sure to avoid making offences to anyone . You tend towards a non-competitive job so you can stay calm and centered, appreciating everything around you.

You can get quite excited anticipating  joyous occasions, and this eagerness is attractive to others who are less demonstrative. You guide others with your solid faith in the future and when to comes to money matters you can be depended on for reliability. The sign Taurus is known for its skillful handling of funds and material goods, which is why you are rarely swayed from youe instinctive financial decisions by others less adept.

You make a wonderful friend to those you love, especially when you can help them. You are fortunately endowed with innate good taste and it makes you happy to see others appreciation of your choices. You make allowances for others but at the same time you hold onto your rights. Quite often people are awed at your ability to get what you want.

Some of your traits: Willful, determined, steadfast.

Some of your attributes: Practicality, constructiveness, efficiency.


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