Virgo: August 23rd to Sept 22nd

The Virgo personality:

Whether or not you apply your activities to formal education for your life work, you will always be a scholar. Your systematic mind and ability to think and reason will make your opinions respected. You do not make up your mind nor act upon impulse alone. But once you have drawn a conclusion after serious study, you will support it with enthusiasm and determination. Ironically you are often attracted by people who act with spontaneous feeling and sometimes worry about your own inability to express heart-felt thoughts as effectively as you do your intellectual reactions.

Although you perceive other peoples weaknesses and mistakes, you are not highly critical or unduly impatient. If you do not like someone, you are content to walk away and seek another person for whom you have respect and affection.

You dislike arguments and will do much to avoid serious controversy. One of the outstanding factors in your success is your ability to work well with other people.

Your attitude towards money is sensible and practical. No one would call you penurious nor ungenerous, however. You give freely of your time as well as your money to provide happiness for your loved ones and to aid worthy projects for the common good. Your philanthropy is sometimes unknown for you do not ask for reward or recognition.

Some of yout traits: Discriminating, analytical, industrious.

Some of your attributes: Adaptability, accuracy, fastidiousness.