The Inner Planets

The Sun:

Describes the basic energy of being, our vitality, our will and our creative self-expression. It also symbolises the process of finding ones’ identity, discovering and distinguishing the hero within us all. Represents the Father and early life role models, those who we looked up to.


The Moon:

Represents the urge to nurture and be nurtured, the need to care for and to be cared for. It is our feelings, reactions, responses and psychic perceptions. It indicates domestic preferences and the home, also the accommodation and how one accommodates. It describes the mother and those who cared for you in childhood.



The significator of all forms of communication, the rational mind, thought, speech and writing. It is how we connect to those around us within local space. The articulation of truth, logic and reasoning. The nervous system, physical dexterity and movement, transportation, connecting and routine travels.



Symbolises our urge to harmonise, co-operate, and our desire to give and share. It represents love, spontaneous attraction, beauty, taste and aesthetic appreciation; the harmony of sexual union and of sensual pleasure. It also describes ones value systems, attitudes around money and means of exchange.



Symbolises the urge for survival on all levels, and how we express our courage and endurance. Its energy is needed so we can cope with the pressures of everyday living through assertion, competitiveness, action and daring. It also represents masculinity, force, strength and (complimentary with Venus) is the expression of sexuality in terms of the chase, conquest and penetration.