These are my 1-to-1 services, also available by telephone and skype:

“Know Thyself” your natal reading:

This is where it all begins. This reading is an introductory interpretation of your natal horoscope, the unique map that shows the movement of the heavens through space and time. The word ‘Horoscope’ is Greek for ‘Watcher of the hour’. Your personal and unique map shows you insights into yourself that help you to understand your conscious and unconscious patterns, strengths and weaknesses and can be profound and revealing.

£60 for 1 hour; £75 for 90 minutes (Plus £5 extra option for a recording on a CD).


Relationship astrology (Synastry):

This 90 minute reading covers the relationship between two people. It can be used for a better intuitive understanding of relationships in all walks of life: spouses; lovers; boss to employee; friends. I will present the two natal charts as well as the combination charts (the composite chart and the planetary comparison grid) and give insights and answers to the often complex dynamics of relating!

£70 per chart (£140 for 2 people) for 90 minutes (Plus £5 extra option for a recording on a CD).

Family dynamics astrology:

Similar to the above but with its own unique perspective on inter-relating between family members: siblings; father to children; mother to children and even the relationships to the in-laws. A chart can be drawn up for the family pet too!

£60 per chart (£120 for 2 people) for 90 minutes (Plus £5 extra option for a recording on a CD).

Solar returns (birthday readings):

The birthday phrase ‘many happy returns’ is in fact a reference to the orbit of Earth around the Sun! It takes the Earth one year to travel around the Sun and back to the same place it was when you were born. In astrology there is a precise moment in time for that, and the chart is drawn up giving indications and predictions for the next 365 days. As well as the Solar return chart I will also be looking at the traditional techniques know as Firdaria and Profections. Want to know about your influences in the forthcoming year? Then ask for this reading.

£30 for 30 minutes (combines well another reading such as ‘with a view to the future’ or ‘know thyself’)

“With a view to the future”

A 60 to 90 minute reading looking specifically at your transits, progressions and directions for the year ahead. I will also be looking at Eclipses and important Lunations triggering your chart in the forthcoming year. This reading is primarily for people who’ve already had their natal chart interpreted.

£60 per hour or £70 for 90 minutes (Plus £5 extra option for a recording on a CD).


Astrology reports, the ‘Solar Writer’ automated reports:

Be sure to inquire (at the centre’s reception desk) about the range of professionally printed and bound astrological reports. Reports are A4 in size, usually have between 15-20 pages (sometimes considerably more) and include beautiful colour artwork. These make great birthday and Christmas gifts, or anniversary presents.

£15 each sent by email.