Cancer: June 21st to July 22nd

The Cancer personality:

You have the ability to jump to conclusions knowing that you’ll land on solid ground. The reason is because you are emotionally sensitive and mentally alert and are able to take action fast. You make up your mind quickly about problems that require long hours of thought for other people. You learn rapidly from each experience and are able to apply that knowledge skilfuly to new situations that arise.

Your friendly manner and kindly disposition attract everyone you meet. Children and animals particularly win your immeadiate affection, but your family and friends of long standing receive your deep affection and loyalty.  In return you ask for fidelity and trust and are easily hurt by thoughtless words or acts.

Your sign is ruled by the Moon, which has jurisdiction over domestic affairs. Your home is your castle and you love entertaining both formally and informally. If there is a party or dinner at your abode you like to impress with quality and to make sure visitors feel comfortable.

You are industrious and conscientious about your work. Any occupation which alows you to be near the water or have some associaition with it is especially harmonious. Whatever you set yourself to do, you do it well and can attract success and recognition.

Some of your traits: idealistic, sympatheitc and imaginative.

some of your attributes: tenacity, sincerity and fidelity.