Libra: Sept 23rd to Oct 22nd

The Libra personality:

The time that you spend in relaxing is not considered just loafing, for you realise that ‘all work and no play’ make a dull life. Because the sign Libra is symbolised by ‘the scales’, you know instinctively that the efforts must be divided equally. Having the sun in the sign Libra shows the result of this stability in your life plan. Although you realise that there is a time and a place for everything, you seldom feel hampered by the restrictions that result.

A career in law or education can be frutiful for you. Or you may choose to develop your artisitc talent, associated with the planet Venus, which rules your sun sign. Whatever your profession, sometimes you allow moodiness to interfere with maximum and continued enjoyment. You are frequently guided by your heart rather than your head.

The study of psychology interests you, for you have an inherent understanding of people and their motives. Fortunately you do not allow this to develop into cynicism. Instead, you use it to give sympathy to the unhappy and encouragement to the misunderstood. Among your intimate friends you are a leader and an adviser on new projects.

Unpleasant tasks such as cleaning and repairing are displeasing to you. However, you are quite willing to work at them when the job must be done. Projects to better society provide a fine outlet for your talents. In a sense, you are an idealist. While reality exisits however, you continue to work ardently to correct the faults over which you can gain control.

Some of your traits: Amiable, considerate, liberal.

Some of your attributes: Artistic, enterprising , fair.