Sagittarius: Nov 23rd to Dec 21st

The Sagittarius personality:

Success is desirable to you primarily because of the honour and distinction attached to it. The new wealth that you gain is treated lightly. It is used to help friends or to provide amusement for yourself and others. You think principally of the pleasure that money can bring, not of the power that you can exert with it.

You make new friends constantly, for your sparkling spontaneity is attractive to all. You can speak fluently and often monopolise a conversation without fully realising it. Your magnetic personality plays an important part in your upward climb.

You are happiest when you are free to think and act independently. You politely listen to suggestions of others and seem to accept them, but this to avoid appearing rude. To others this may seem wrong but it stems from your desire to avoid unpleasant scenes and injured feelings. You are senstive emotionally and thus look out for other peoples feelings.

You are a bit too idealistic to be in business alone. When your plans are put into action , they sometimes bring disappointment to you because of some practical detail you overlooked. However your buoyancy carries you through many periods like this and soon brings sunshine to drive away the unhappier moments of life.

Some of your traits: Jovial, Impetous, refined.

Some of your attributes: Optimistic, philosophical, friendly.